The birding begins

A bright red male cardinal stands on an earthen mound surrounded by scragly brush, looking for seeds.

I’m officially middle-aged. Since I put the bird feeder back up in the redbud tree (after a 6-month absence due to an infectious bird disease), I’ve been obsessed with all the little visitors to our front yard. So much so that I ordered a field guide to Indiana birds, and at the suggestion of some fellow Mastodoners, downloaded the Merlin app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

When my field guide arrived in the mail yesterday, I immediately headed out to the Eagle Creek Ornithology Center to put it to good use. Swans, gulls, and cardinals abounded in the sunlight; unfortunately, I got to the songbirds later in the afternoon’s low light. Next time: tripod!

Published by Amy Garman

Heart of an early adopter; budget of a laggard.

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